Advanced Shredding Program

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Made for advanced! This program will help you become shredded fast, using exercises that are hard, but doable for advanced. To make sure you don’t do any mistakes during the exercises, I show you each exercise in videos made especially for you. This program also includes my personal diet, which well show results fast if you stick to the meals I suggest you daily. I also made sure you stay motivated, by telling you stories out of my life, about my ups and downs and how I overcame them.

This program includes:

- Exercises for every day for 4 weeks
- My personal diet (how it works and how you do it)
- Videos of each exercise so you know exactly how to do it
- A food plan for every day for 4 weeks
- 8 recipes I personally love and suggest to eat
- Motivational stories to keep you motivated
- Tips for your workout
- My personal warm up I do since 1999
- My knowledge and experience of 18 years of working out in total

Become a Gorilla! Get shredded.