NEW! Nutrition Plan! (Regular+Vegan!)

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Time to get fully guided!

Most people do a great job at sticking to a workout routine, but kill their whole progress at the most important step: The kitchen.


A quick google search will tell you that, coming to sport related goals such as losing/gaining weight, building muscle or increasing strength rapidly, there is a formular you need to stick to: 70% nutrition and 30% sports.


And they are right. If you hit your workout goals day by day, giving all you got on a regular basis and try to improve whenever you can - you still won't gain anything if you are killing your gains in the kitchen. You need to learn how to eat right.


Or better? Let me tell you what to eat day by day!


My new nutrition plan will teach you the most important nutrition facts so you can create your own meal plan OR you simply stick to my defined meal plan with a high variety of tasty foods!