Intermediate Muscle Building Program

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Muscle Building Program Intermediate

Enhance your calisthenics skills and build some serious muscles using only bodyweight exercises! The number one problem that keeps intermediates from progressing is the lack of knowledge. You need a proper workout program and you need to make sure, that you do each exercise absolutely correct and clean. So why don’t you conquer those errors by eliminating them right away?

My workout program provides you with a bulletproof 8 week program. The additional video courses for each exercise make sure that you don’t do any errors that keep you from progressing or may even danger you!

I gathered 19 years of experience that all went into this program. Don’t miss out on your chance to get yourself massive muscles and learn stunning calisthenics skills! Make your life great by mastering your body to its fullest.

No equipment needed! No expensive gym membership! All you need is your body, a bar and a strong will.

Your program includes:

- 8 week program

- Video courses

- Progression exercises that enhance your calisthenics skills

- Motivational content

It’s time to take it to the next level and get the best out of you!


- 5 assisted handstand push-ups

- 8 pull ups

- Muscle ups 1-3

- 10+ dips

- 10+ push ups

- 10+ squats