Advanced Muscle Building Program

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Muscle Building Advanced

That’s your final destination. Endgame. The top of the hill. You want to be one of calisthenics top athletes? Earn respect and wonder of everyone around you? I’ve got you.

My advanced workout program will make you the strongest version of yourself. You will become a master of calisthenics by enhancing your skills to the top! All you need is my step by step program that provides you with a easy to follow guideline on how to do it. Follow my workout plan strictly and watch my video courses on how to master the skills - by the end of week 8, you will feel the best you have ever felt. It took me 19 years to figure out how to get to where I am right now, and I want you to skip the time of figuring out by simply following the way I chose to become as strong as I am today.

No equipment needed! No expensive gym membership! All you need is your body, a bar and a strong will.

Your program includes:

- 8 week program

- Video courses

- Top calisthenics skills to master

- Motivational content

Don’t keep on wishing, start doing!


- 5 handstand push-ups

- 12+ pull ups

- 5-10 muscle ups

- 15+ dips

- 15+ push ups

- 15+ squats