Beginner Muscle Building Program

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Muscle Building Program Beginner

Build some stunning muscles using only bodyweight exercises! Let me guide your transformation by providing you with a 8 week program, filled with exercises, video explanations and progressions to learn your first calisthenics skills and develop a beach ready body!

Your benefits:

By following my 8 week plan you’re skipping the trial & error phase you go trough as a beginner.

There’s no need to research, try, fail and then research again if someone already did the research for you! By having more than 19 years of experience, I know exactly how to structure your workout to build up some serious muscle mass. By adding my video explanations of each exercise to your workout, we’re making sure that you know exactly HOW to do them and therefore not making any errors that might keep you from progressing.

No equipment needed! No expensive gym membership! All you need is your body, a bar and a strong will.

Your program includes:

- 8 week program

- Video courses

- Beginner exercises that lead up to your first calisthenics skills

- Motivational content

It’s your entry into the world of calisthenics and a confident, fulfilled life!


- 0 muscle ups

- 0 handstand push-ups

- 5-8 pull ups

- 10 push ups

- 5+ dips